Monday, August 16, 2010

The Return of Rock - Dovetail Joint & IvoryWire 08/14/2010

Dovetail Joint's Chuck Glaflter(Guitar/Vox),
Jon Kooker (Bass), Joe Dapier(Drums),
and Robert Byrne (Guitar - Not Pictured)
I got to see my two favorite local Chicago bands Ivorywire and Dovetail Joint reunite for the 2010 Doug Meis Memorial Concert at Lincoln Hall this weekend.  It's been roughly 7 years since I've seen these bands play so I was naturally excited to catch them at the newly minted Lincoln Hall (well, newly minted at least for me).

For not having played for a long time, both bands pretty much picked up where they left off before going on hiatus.  Ivorywire played songs off both of their releases The World is Flat such as "Hey You", "Geisha Girl", "Promise To Burn", "Living With The Static", "Backfire", and "Just Like I Remember It" along with rarely played "You're Never Satisfied" and "Faint Praise" from their last release Notables & Nobodies.  Dovetail Joint stook primarily to playing material off their Aware/Columbia releases 001 and The Level EP with songs like "Boy", "Home", "Motorcade", "Protocol", "Beautiful", and their most famous hit "Level on The Inside". They also busted out gems such as "Candy" and "Honestly" from their double-disc Killing of Cool independent release.It would've been nice if both bands could've delved into more illustrious b-side material but their set times were rather limited (35 minutes each I think) so we got a lot of music in a short amount of time.

The show itself was taped professionally for a hopeful DVD/Blue-Ray release in the future.  I would recommend everyone getting a copy of this show as it may be the only one we get for a while.  Below are fan-filmed clips from the show:

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