Sunday, February 21, 2010

To Boycott Or Not Boycott?

As a follow up the protest video I made two months ago...

The owner call me back a couple of days ago apologizing profusely for how badly I was treated.  He offered just about anything to get me back as a customer.  I would like to think that this protest video has hurt him (AND IT DID! :)) )but I think that Corporate followed up as well to remind him of my complaint.  In any matter, he did call back and seemed genuine in his intention to finally rectify my complaint.

I decided to take him up on his offer of complimentary two large pizzas w/ two toppings, and order of chicken wings,  and a 2 litre of soda today.  I had the in-laws over for a get together and we all wanted to have some chain pizza :)).  I called the owner ahead of time to double-check that the offer still stood (it did) and proceeded to call the store.

The dude who answered on the other end of the line sounded eerily familiar, i.e., the guy who jacked up my order so horribly before :(.  So, I ordered the pizza as carefully as I could to not anger the man but yet show him that I had owner sponshorship on my side if they fawked up this order as well.  So, after a little bit of rigmarole, I got the order placed.

An hour and 15 minutes passed by.

My phone rang and the delivery guy was out front.  I took Lola with me (too instill the fear in the heart of the driver using my "ferocious", 30 pound dog) and we met him in the front.  I took the order off of his hands, tipped him (it wasn't one of the jerks from the last time delivering), and served the members of my family with what appeared to be the correct order.  I just have to hope any add-ons (spit, sweat, or mucus) were killed by either the heating process in cooking the pizzas or by my ever-so-fortuous digestive system :).

I'm going to wait to see how I feel in the morning before I decide to place a response video to this.

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