Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rock of Ages

Tonight I was invited to a party with a bunch of other guys to play Beatles Rockband.  Little did I know we'd be playing a lot of regular Rockband as well.   I had an awesome time!

In a previous post, I had admonished those who played Guitar Hero excessively to the point they're perfect at it vs. learning how to play the real thing.  I never did address the reverse situation where a knowledgeable musician picks up playing the game (mostly out of ignorance and not having access to the game/hardware).  Tonight my inner rockstar was performing for a group of 8 other people and it was great!

The game is a fantastic rhythm trainer.  However, I did find the controls clunky at times as they didn't match the feel of a guitar/bass/drum set and I felt like you almost had to anticipate the button click prior to it arriving at the point in the song/bar you were playing.  So, that got a bit annoying.  It could be that in actuality my natural timing is slower than I give myself credit for but I saw others struggling with it as well at times.

The best part was more of the stuff you don't get scored on in the game - the showmanship.  Yes, I goofily pretended I was playing the real things.  I rawked out as if the guitar was really being strummed and there was a real crowd worshipping my ever move (even on easy level :))).  I put dance moves into my playing.  I tried grabbing onto others while singing songs from Lit, Alice in Chains, The Beastie Boys, RHCP, and The Beatles.  I heard someone comment that I must be playing a completely different version of Rockband in my head because I rawked parts that didn't require rawking :)).

It s a great game for parties but I don' think I'll be picking up the game or others like it anytime soon.  You actually need friends willing to hang out with you often and play to make it fun to make it worthwhile in my opinion.  Tonight I got lucky with the companionship :).

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