Friday, January 15, 2010

Let The Craziness Ensue!

Unless I have 45 spinning plates on sticks with each one narrowly falling off, I seem to be unhappy :).  2010 seems to be the year of creative growth with the way things are turning out - and I like it!

One of the top priorities on the list for the year is get another Rue recording out there along with some actual shows.  I've done a couple of ustream shows (which will occur monthly from now on) to allow me to keep my chops up and to provide a goal to work towards, i.e., kick my butt into practicing for a change.  I went ahead and submitted electronic press kits (EPKs) to a couple of venues in town looknig for acoustic acts.  I'd love to go electric, but I've learned that putting together a band of like-minded individuals is incredibly difficult, and I don't want to go through the pain of auditioning people who may not have the love and belief in the music as I do.  I'd rather attract the right people by playing out, sharing music, and being an accomplished musician where they're asking me to join vs. the other way around.

I'll be producing and hopefully performing in Salsation's next spring show as well which will go up in the April/May timeframe.  That in itself is a lot of bloody work :)).  Producing is one of the least thankful but necessary jobs in this town.  When the shows a hit and people come to see it, it's great to be able to take credit for it.  When the show doesn't do as well, you beat yourself up and take abuse from everyone else as to why the show didn't do well.  A lot of people equate a "hit" show as a "good" show and vice-versa.  Yes, it's actually possible to have a "good" show that isn't a "hit".  Things like marketing, location, timeslot, and applicability all factor into a show's success.  I've had actors that have been part of well-drawing shows think they're the sole reason the show did well =)).  Uhm, no.  Sorry.  You had a part in it but no one entity in a production can carry a show all by themselves.  It's that age-old argument as to who wins championships - the players or management?

While that  goes down, I need to find a house for us to move into :P.  Let my lifestyle change again please!

So, if I lose my mind, please forgive me.  I promise it'll come back eventually.

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