Saturday, January 9, 2010

Killer Kustomer Service At Kohl's

This morning I woke up and took AKV out with me to allow Mommy to sleep in and to get in my Daddy/Son-Son time in.  We ended up at a Kohl's department store to find me a new shirt for tonight's Sketchfest show.  After a long time of walking around, trying stuff on, and chasing AKV through the aisle and putting everything back he tore down, I finally got me a pair of shirts I was happy with.  I checked out, got AKV bundled for the walk to the car, then headed out the door.

As soon as I got to the car, I fumbled around trying to find my keys. Suddenly, I dropped the bag into the sludgy, black snow and the shirts flew onto the street.  *ARGH!*  So, I stood there for 5 minutes contemplating whether or not I go home and wash these brand new shirts or go back in and hopefully exchange them.  I decided to get back into the store and try to convince them to give me new shirts.

Once I got to the customer service area, which strangely enough was on the 2nd floor of the building vs. the first floor right at the entrance like most stores, I noticed the long line standing there.  I knew at this point this experience was probably going to be interesting at the least, because everyone in line looked miserable and angry.  I got in line while AKV decided to go and pull out as many gift cards out of their receptacle as possible :).  I let him tear up the store knowing full and well I would (probably) pick up after him.

I finally got to the desk and the lady working the register asked me what I needed.  I told her that I had just purchased a couple of shirts 15 minutes ago and they got dropped into dirty snow outside.  I was wondering if they would be able to exchange them for new shirts.  The lady, like almost all "customer service" reps, gave me a dirty face, and silently began scanning tickets to begin the exchange.  I was happy with this all up until she tried placing the new shirts I had picked out on top of the old, wet, nasty shirts!  I quickly grabbed the shirts and told her, "Can you not place these on top of the wet shirts?  I need to wear them tonight."  That got me another nasty look.    She huffed, and puffed, and blew her way through the exchange.  I asked her for two bags to allow me to drop these shirts again with no consequences in the future.  Nasty look #3!  I felt like I was in a bad Janet Jackson video.  I go tmy shirts double-bagged and headed out.

Customer service in America will never improve.  If it just wasn't for the pesky customer part, it would be so much easier.

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