Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Collection of Thoughts

Try as I may, this blog has become cumbersome to maintain *cue Seven Mary Three*.  Okay, enough bitchin'...

The Passing of DJ AM
Uhm, why must I become subjected to non-stop media coverage to care about this guy?  I never even really heard of him until after he almost went up in a thunderball along with Travis Barker, who I have heard of and respect highly, a few months ago.  I'm not saying him dying isn't a sad thing as he obviously was talented; however, he seems to be getting MJ coverage lately.  Hopefully it'll take them less than 6 weeks after his passing to bury him.

Billy Corgan's Spirits in the Sky Shows
My favorite Pumpkin (only first to Jimmy) is touring with a group of musicians that include Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers fame and the newly appointed Smashing Pumpkin throne master Mike Byrne along with a member of Strawberry Alarm Clock (of Incense and Peppermints fame).  They've been playing incredibly small cafe's/clubs and playing all kinds of music.  Supposedly some of the newest  original songs being played may end up on the next Pumpkins disc.  I haven't been downloading any of the bootlegs for these as I would rather wait until I hear the Pumpkin King's full vision for it.  I have to admit that I would be excited to hear Dave guest on the next Pumpkins record as both Billy and Dave are metal guys at heart.

Everything Hates Nelson
As of late, it seems that I have slipped back into my old habit of hating everything again.    I find myself taking things way too seriously and allowing myself to be content with the fact I can't (read that as shouldn't want to) control everything I'm involved in.  I should accept that the universe has puts actions in my life for a reason and try to figure out what that reason should be.  I've been surrounded by new levels of unprofessionalism, apathy, laziness, and ignorance.  I've allowed thees items to get me down.  Perhaps I need to get down to lift myself back up.  Who knows.  The point is that I feel like I'm being tested and am failing miserably at letting go of my fears.  I'll continue working on it.

Gear Buying
Lately I've been eying a lot of new gear to buy.  I've got a new guitar which sounds fantasic and a new Line 6 amp.  I want to get one more guitar before I start dreaming of buying the more expensive stuff.  I would like to get a few more guitar pedals as well.  MORE is always...MORE!

The Chronicles of Mixerman
I finished reading this book and it's hands down one of my favorite books ever.   It's a hardbook collection of anecdotes of an LA audio engineer trying to record a major label band's first record.  It's so funny how much of it I can relate with especially the idiocy of the musicians and staff participating in the session.  It's just funny how much ego can complicate things.    Get more info at

Being Daddy
I like being a Dad.  It's awesome.  I recommend it to those who want it.

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