Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gearing Up For Some Excitement

Here's the short list of what's going on in my life:
    Mom coming in for a 1.5 weeks tomorrow.  Want to get to know me better, just ask Mom?  
    Just picked out the new hardwood floors we want to get.  Got a check for half of what  need to make it happen.  Fawk it.  We waited this long so we might as well go for it and see what happens with the insurance company.  
    Promoting Recap's new musical "Rock Opera:The Musical", Static Republic's two shows in July and August, and getting the bug to finish up the Courageous Rue Mixtape '09.  It's exciting!  
    I'm still having a hard time maintaining my blog here :(  If you want to stay in touch with me more regularly, follow me on Twitter.  The Nelson V website is still under consideration.
That's it folks.  Sorry for the blandness.  I'm tired and need to go bed
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Results May Vary
By Limp Bizkit
Release date: 2003-09-23

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