Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twitter and Facebook Are Killing My Blog

I have to accept the reality that my interest in my own blog is waning .  With a plethora of other sites/tools to share my experience with others at my disposal, posting blogs on MySpace has become arduous. 

Two and a half years ago when I got onto Myspace, it was the height of bringing together all social interaction together in one place for me to not only promote myself in various artistic realms, but also give me an easy place to get in depth about my life.  However, Myspace has become more and more restrictive with the disallowing of various useful HTML tags, shoddy/non-existent integration with other apps such as Twitter or, and the fact that the different kinds of profiles they allow don't all offer the same features, .e.g, my comedian profile cannot run the new templates as a regular profile, makes me want to not  to spend time on my blog here. 

Back to the title of this entry.  I'm still trying to figure out my peace with Twitter.  I see it as a status updater and due to the amount of tweets I send out in a day (5-10), it can pretty much suppliment the day-to-day reporting of my life easily and concisely.  However, if I want to go into depth on any given subject, a blog is more appropriate.  However (once again), Tweeting about anything worthwhile "steals" my thunder/passion to delve into anything more substantial later.  Facebook, as uncustomizable as it is with individual profiles, has really enhanced their user interface in siuch a fashion to keep information easy to enter, read, and find.  MySpace has made some strides there but it still has a way to go especially in their event planning and displaying friend status information.  Thus, many more people are on Facebook now than Myspace.

I don't know what to do about it now.  I may switch to another blogging mechanism and leave MySpace in a state where I refer people to a completely different area.  I'm interested in what Web 2.5 is going to look like in the next few months.
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