Thursday, May 21, 2009

Signs That the Crowd Is Digging You

Just did another acoustic set at Inner Town with Static Republic, and let me tell ya, the love we felt tonight form the rest of the folks there was unique .  Here is a quick review of how the show ran:

- We got introduced by the hostess Lily tonight.  We took the stage to an audience that was indifferent to us being there.  So, I took the mic and thanked the entire crowd for their rousing support.  I counted 9 people clapping. 

- We started off with "=2US".  It was a bit off-kilter as we ended up doing a weird hybrid version where we took the verses and choruses form the original arraingement and  interjected parts from the current arraingement.  No one knew the wiser as we plugged away.  Shive shook his money-maker, i.e., his fists clenching shakers and a tambourine , thus, keeping time and making the song sound much more magical.   We killed the song and I counted 8 people clapping.

- Then came "Waking Dream".  I beat on the guitar to start a rhythm with my Loopstation and then looped the bass line with it.  We layered more guitar stuff and added the percussion to it to lay a solid foundaiton of sound.  So, we kicked butt on this one also.  I counted 2 people clapping .

- We decided to end the set with a new version of "Model Well".  It has a lot of Dave Mathew's Band funk and energy in it.  It was fookin' fun to play.  Shiva and I threw down parts together and playewd off each other.  I even stood up during this one to give it the energy it needed.  7 people clapped for this one. 

- Lily got up and in her own way roused more support for SR from the rest of the joint.  I counted 9 people total clapping.

Needless to say, it's probably the last time we'll play there for a while.  It sure as hell was fun to play and fight for those two-handed accounted applauses. 

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