Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Text-Free Holiday (Almost)

The last major holiday celebrated by many was New Years Day.  I gathered with family and called friends to wish them a year's worth of good times.  In many cases, I got the empty, cold, hard LCD messages wishing me the same thing in return.  I already have my very opinionated thoughts on the demise of functional social interactions being perpetuated by modern "communication" technology; thus, when I received these messages, the messages lost their meaning and the effort felt half-assed even if the intention was whole hearted.

So, Easter is upon us today and I expected an onslaught of text messages from people.  I got 2 the whole day regarding Easter.    To be candid, I was relieved I wouldn't go through my own intense mental melodrama trying to make sense of these messages.    I did have a brief intellectual conversation about the subject in general but nothing too intense .  Overall, I was pretty chilled.

Once again, folks, if you wish to make a connection with me, please call or better yet meet up with me somewhere.  That goes so much further in my heart.

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