Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Colonel to the Rescue!

KFC has offered many municipalities a chance to fix the various problems with their streets by picking up the tab for pothole repair.  The only catch is that they would be allowed to stencil "Refreshed by KFC" on the top of the newly laid asphalt.  Mayor Daley stated during a press conference that he would be interested in sdealing with KFC "if they were serious".  How do you get more serious than offering to pick up potentially milllions of dollars of roadwork?!  They're not being disingenuous as they're getting a total PR plan into action.  I think the idea personally is brilliant.

Now, do I want to see the streets of Chicago with these messages?  Eh, probably not.  It's basically due to the amount of potholes we can have on any given block.  I've got over some stretches of road so bad that I felt like I was in a Baja dunebuggy with no shocks !  They might as well chew up the road and lay down all new asphalt for some streets in Chicago.  Then a huge portion of it could be spray painted over with a huge KFC logo!  Awesome!

Tourist: "Hey man.  How do I get to the Willis Tower?"
Me: "Go down Wacker Avenue until you get to KFC Avenue then take a left."
Tourist: "How do I know where that is?"
Me: "Its where all the chicks will be!"

*Ba boom boom chick!*

I hope KFC can help out the city so that we can get rid of all the stupid parking meters.  It's a cluster-cluck! 

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