Monday, April 20, 2009

Having done my research of watching trashy daytime TV, I felt like I must list out the obligatory list of catchphrases in the case you are ever taken to NY to let the world know you're a degenerate:

  • (While screaming) "*Father's name*, when that DNA [test] comes back saying you are the father, you need to step up, and be a man, and take care of your responsibilities!!!"

  • "Maury, I'm 1000% sure I (am/am not) that baby's father!"

  • (While pointing at the TV screen with a side-by-side set of pictures of the baby & the accused) "Look at that!  Look at that, Maury!  My baby got the same (mouth/eyes/nose/ears/forehead/hairline/complexion/buckteeth/IQ) as his Daddy!"

  • "I ain't slept with nobody else except him, Maury!  I swear!"
    Note: You can predict what the outcome will be due to the use of the double negative in this statement. 

  • "Maury,  I'm step up and take care of that kid."

  • (While screaming) "*Mother's name*, there's no way I can be the father of that kid cuz I went to the doctor and he told me I was sterile!  So there's no way I can be the father of that baby!"
    Note: The kind of guy saying this has 3-4 other kids with 3-4 other women.

  • "There's no way I can be the father of that baby cuz we only had sex one last only 2 minutes!"

If you have any other lines to offer, post 'em up!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Uncle Julio is Ubiquio

As you already know, I adore Uncle Julio's Hacienda's food.  Yes, it's horribly unauthentic, but, hey, if I want to eat authentic Mexican food (which I have), I would fly on down to Oaxaca to get a bite to eat vs making a 20 minute drive to my local restaurant .  I'm down the Julio's for life!

They're also located in my home state of Texas and in the Dallas Metroplex they have 5 of them.  Either on purpose or by accident, I now have located each of them in the Dallas area (still have to go over to Ft. Worth).  I'm in an elite group of folks who have fandom for another chain of restaurants! 

Chips, salsa, and cheese.  I'm so fawkin' hungry.

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Chips and Salsa
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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Stars At Night Are Big and Bright...

I went for a walk around my parent's neighborhood tonight.  It was awesome to look up in the sky and actually see stars!  I found my good friend Orion was waving at me with Ursa Major in tow .  Seeing the sky is awesome!  It makes me feel like there are bigger things in this universe than my own sphere of influence.

I also enjoyed the general ambiance of being back home.  The way the wind blows across the grass and picks up the scent of the cedar trees; how wonderfully quiet everything is; knowing that just a car ride away is civilization allows my mind to slow down a bit.

I've got Texas in my heart.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Text-Free Holiday (Almost)

The last major holiday celebrated by many was New Years Day.  I gathered with family and called friends to wish them a year's worth of good times.  In many cases, I got the empty, cold, hard LCD messages wishing me the same thing in return.  I already have my very opinionated thoughts on the demise of functional social interactions being perpetuated by modern "communication" technology; thus, when I received these messages, the messages lost their meaning and the effort felt half-assed even if the intention was whole hearted.

So, Easter is upon us today and I expected an onslaught of text messages from people.  I got 2 the whole day regarding Easter.    To be candid, I was relieved I wouldn't go through my own intense mental melodrama trying to make sense of these messages.    I did have a brief intellectual conversation about the subject in general but nothing too intense .  Overall, I was pretty chilled.

Once again, folks, if you wish to make a connection with me, please call or better yet meet up with me somewhere.  That goes so much further in my heart.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Joy of Music

I really enjoyed playing music tonight.  It was such a great release creatively to play dulcet tones from my glittery guitar.  I ran through a bunch of my own material tonight before Static Republic's rehearsal and that was a great joy.  I was rediscovering a lot about myself while singing about about past relationships, self-empowerment, and the occasional science fiction melodramas. 

I've recommitted myself to playing music.  It feels damn good.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunny D Haiku

Oh Son-Son in the sun-sun
Grateful to feel warm
To thaw us out from winter

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Colonel to the Rescue!

KFC has offered many municipalities a chance to fix the various problems with their streets by picking up the tab for pothole repair.  The only catch is that they would be allowed to stencil "Refreshed by KFC" on the top of the newly laid asphalt.  Mayor Daley stated during a press conference that he would be interested in sdealing with KFC "if they were serious".  How do you get more serious than offering to pick up potentially milllions of dollars of roadwork?!  They're not being disingenuous as they're getting a total PR plan into action.  I think the idea personally is brilliant.

Now, do I want to see the streets of Chicago with these messages?  Eh, probably not.  It's basically due to the amount of potholes we can have on any given block.  I've got over some stretches of road so bad that I felt like I was in a Baja dunebuggy with no shocks !  They might as well chew up the road and lay down all new asphalt for some streets in Chicago.  Then a huge portion of it could be spray painted over with a huge KFC logo!  Awesome!

Tourist: "Hey man.  How do I get to the Willis Tower?"
Me: "Go down Wacker Avenue until you get to KFC Avenue then take a left."
Tourist: "How do I know where that is?"
Me: "Its where all the chicks will be!"

*Ba boom boom chick!*

I hope KFC can help out the city so that we can get rid of all the stupid parking meters.  It's a cluster-cluck! 

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