Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah, I Rock!

Last night I rawked the Underground Lounge with Static Republic.  It's been a while since I've been up on stage like this and I rediscovered some new things while doing the gig:
  • Sound checking is important to do.  None of the bands last night got a bona fide sound check.  we all "line checked" which means they threw mics on our stuff, asked us to play our instruments, and left us with cruddy monitor mixes.    Of course, none of us were bitchy enough to demand more volume in the monitors, and, of course, we payed them anyway.

  • I need to make sure my levels of the amp are correct for the size venue I'm playing at.  My levels were all over the place and in audible at times.  Just because it sounds good in a crampt rehearsal space doesn't mean it's going to sound good elsewhere.

  • I sure have gotten better with jumping around on stage.  It might just be the material allows me to do it more or just that I'm a better musician than I used to be to be able to jup around...or I was channeling my inner Robert Byrne. 

  • I can scream if I REALLY want to.  I screamed last night during one song where it makes sense to do so.  I don' feel like I hurt my voice but then again I wasn't screaming the whole night either.

  • Damn I'm a sexy man on stage .  Watching the video showed just how comfortable on stage I can look.  THANK GAWD. 

  • It's weird to play to the 40+ crowd where everyone sits/stands in the wings.  I like people right upfront.  Next time, demand that the crowd fill-in.

  • I'm excited to play the next show already.  Cool.
Well, time to go to bed.  Big audition tomorrow to prepare for.  Thanks to all of you who came out to support!

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