Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh Billy!

My musical hero Billy Corgan sent a letter of support to Congress for the LiveNation/Ticketmaster merger  WTF?!  Anybody who is anybody can see that this merger is bad idea.  In his letter he talks about the old system being broken today where music industry people wielded too much power and blocked access for the artist to make a living off his own work.   How does this merger truly promote power to the artist?  If you're a high profile artist, yeah, you'd get a lot of money up-front (which may be considered as an advance which would effectively have to be repaid via touring and record sales) and you may get more of a percentage of revenue overall than the old way, but with a similar monopoly on venues as once had in the record industry, artists can become trapped in another situation where if they don't toe the line, they can be effectively destroyed to play any big shows ever again.

I would love to see Billy's reasoning behind this one.

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