Monday, March 23, 2009

My Hopes for The Smashing Pumpkins

As you know, my favorite drummer of all time Jimmy Chamberlin has left The Smashing Pumpkins  for unknown reasons.  I've been living with the news and finally posted up my thoughts about it.  This was originally posted on

Here are my hopes from this news now that I've had some time to think about it:

* Jimmy is in good health both mentally and physically.
* The split was amicable and necessary for both of these guys to move on artistically. Why do I want an amicable split? Because they are ultimately friends and should have some kind of relationship moving forward other than musical especially after 20 years.
* Billy sees his "starting all over to be great" philosophy/plan through till the end. He's dismantled the last remnants of the ole skool SP (other than himself which I guess isn't truly a complete dismantling) and had replaced them with effectively session players. In my opinion, I hope he's level headed enough to pursue his dreams while allowing input from the others to make the songs even that much more special to play, thus, to listen to. I'd like to see a return to playing smaller clubs/residencies again. I don't necessarily care about having a new album of music if a steady stream of music is sold as singles.
* The new drummer is faithful to Jimmy's old style of playing and compliments the new direction of the Pumpkins at this point. Matt Walker and Kenny Oranoff fulfilled those roles well touring-wise (I'm not a big Matt Cameron fan so no props there).
* Any new endeavors the former members are in go well for them.

Until I get more news, these are the things I'm going to hope for.


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