Monday, March 2, 2009

Hung Over Without Drinking

Recapitulation's Award Show closed last night.  It was a bittersweet end of the run as it pushed everyone in the ensemble to explore areas in their personal and artistic lives, thus, pushing the ensemble in unexplored directions, and by the time the smoke had cleared and we had a clue as to how the show could work to its potential, it was over after 4 week run .  I wish we had a few more weeks to let us really get into the full swing of things, but, this is always the case with our shows.  We use the first two weeks figuring stuff out then the rest of the run gets better.  I'm starting to ponder if we should start doing a couple of weeks of discounted previews before doing a full run.  I'm happy to free up some of my time, but at the same time yearn to see the show live up to its full potential.

Directly after the show, I did a show with Infinite Sundaes and it went well.  It was fun to play with some of the best improvisers in the city.  It's weird playing in a musical improv group where I have almost nothing to do with the production.  It forces me to focus on just being an actor which is a welcomed dynamic.   Granted, right now, that's all I can focus on for there is a rotating cast every few months so I just want to have fun and fawk the boolsheet.   So, that show took a lot of energy to perform as well.

After the shows, I was exhausted.  I went out for a bit to hang with both casts and found myself slurring my speech, believing the words coming out of everyboy's mouths (all lies as they're all improvisers), and longing for my bed.  My inhibitions were all but gone at this point as I felt like I could just say anything I wanted to and get away with it.  I felt drunk!  It was probably my low blood sugar as I hadn't eaten anything since 2 PM that day.    I knew it was time to get food and go home.

I grabbed some Julio's on the way home, scarfed a couple of tacos once I got home, and went to bed.  This morning I woke up later than normal.  I dragged arse all day and luckily didn't have a headache as a result of the night before.  I felt horrible until after I ate again and then went to work finally. 

Is this what it's like being drunk? 

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