Friday, March 6, 2009

The Dulcet Tones of Delicacy

I had band rehearsal tonight.  We're feverishly trying to get ready for our show in a couple of weeks, and anxiety was starting to kick in tonight.  While I'm just concerned with ensuring we allow the structure of the songs to set us free to do whatever we each want to do within the song, we kept getting caught up in the minutiae of what actually was being played and heard .  Lots of harsh looks and words were exchanged but at the end, it was a productive evening.

I walked away from tonight's rehearsal giggling the whole time.  I'd say I let go of everything tonight while I held my guitar.  The vibrations it gave off were not only audible but spiritual in nature as well.  No matter what I did or played tonight, it was good.  I played with my Korg AX1G processor like the first I had purchased it.  I tried different guitar parts in the same ole songs we play week after week to breathe new life into them, and it totally worked.  I felt like throwing my guitar around the room and at the amp just to see what noises would come out of it.  It was like I was 17 again.  RAWK!

Improv really helped me navigate through the sonic landscapes were were curating tonight.  I kept hearing the following quotes going on in my head:

"Structure will set up you free." - Shreeman
"I don't know anything...but I sure have a lot of fawkin' opinions!" - Gelman
"Who cares if it long as you're having fun while you're on stage!" - Every Improv Teacher I've Ever Had

I allowed  myself to enjoy myself tonight and it as competely refreshing.

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