Monday, February 16, 2009

Blogging Vs. Tweeting

I started using Twitter after reading an article where this dude used his cellphone and Twitter to let people know he was being held in an Egyptian jail and needed help.  I was on like it dogs on peanut butter and signed up.  the basic gist of the service is to let people know what's going on in between blogs.  However, I now have a new dillema where I'm getting lazier about blogging because I tweet too much and figure I have nothing left to write about.

I have Twitter updating my status on Facebook (really wish MySpace would allow for it natively...GET WITH IT TOM!) and have this blog mirrored to my other websites.  Since everybody I know of is using Facebook much more now, people comment on my statuses and never on the blogs .  So, I know my messages are getting out there.  This phenomenon adds to my reluctance to blog more often.

the reason I started blogging was to share some of the most personal parts of my life.  I guess a blog is most suited for that vs. a bunch of status updates.  I need to figure out how to balance the two parts and not get lazy.

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