Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting (Hanna) Barbaric Without Running Water

The water main outside my building broke due to the weight of all the people celebrating on the streets for President Obama's inauguration - ok, I lied .  It broke due to most likely the chilly weather we've been under the entire week.  Thus, my building has been out of water for practically two days now.  That means no showers, brushing teeth, laundry, cooking, or the most important, duecing. 

That's right folks.  We're on Charter Bus rules in my house right now.  You can go #1 but in no way, shape, or form can you go #2.  If you want to go #2, there is a porch with a ton of snow on it.  You may want to dress warmly while playing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Doodie.  I'll provide paper and a plastic bag so you can scoop it up and take it with you.  

I'm resorting to driving elsewhere to make do (do).  I went to Borders yesterday and today I am thinking of hitting the gym - not to actually work out - but rather to take a shower and take care of bidnez .  This isn't as bad as when my hot water heater died in the middle of winter and I had to take cold showers (brrrrr ).  However, my body has decided to go on strike right now and not even give me the idea of having to go.  I love how evolution has given us this brain which is so powerful!

I went ahead and bought jugs of water so we can at least cook and brush our teeth.  If the necessity for bathing at home comes up, I can do it with a gallon of water. Hell, if the astronauts can do it, so can I. 
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