Monday, January 5, 2009

From Computer Hell, I Stab At Thee!

Gawd bless computers and silicon-based technology.  It helps us in so many ways and it also finds ways to drive us bloody insane.  Our generation is lucky because we grew up with a lot of the basics of electronics as kids. After this weekend, I can understand why the older generation doesn't get a lot of it.

A nasty virus hit my laptop hard - hard as in fawked it up .  The last time a virus hijacked my computer was in 2000.  I don't visit messed up websites, download miscellaneous files/porn, install demo software, or install games on my machines.  All of those items mentioned are the quickest ways to get a virus.  Although I have an enterprise strength firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware software installed, a virus still managed to embed itself on my hard drive .  It would force my computer to just shutoff at weird times.  It did it so sporadically that I thought I had a bad piece of hardware causing the machine to overheat, thus, shut down.  So, once I figured out I had a virus, the fun began!

I was able through the use of Ubuntu Linux to backup a lot of my files.  I then made the decision to try to rebuild my machine.  Guess what.  My company doesn't make it easy to do so !  Thanks to "security", I got locked out of my voicemail, VPN software, the company intranet, and access to the ISO image I needed to rebuild the machine over the network!  Of course, the Foreign Legion, a.k.a. tech support, couldn't easily give me passwords to anything.  So, I spent half the night getting someone local to help me.  After multiple downloads, I finally got the disk I needed and a quick call to my boss got me far enough along to rebuild the machine. 

The funny thing is that 4 other people I know right now have massive computer problems as well.  It seems that there's an infection goin' on!

Well, I'm back enough to write this blog.  Onto the fun task of software installs!
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