Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Come To My Show!" - The Most Repeated Phrase By Actors

As I look at my bulletins and events calendar on Facebook and seeing the slew of shows people are having this year already, I am excited to see so much activity.  Granted, a lot of them are for Sketchfest but some of them are not including my own.  The funny part is seeing how many people are in 3-4 shows this month and next.  I feel like a slacker in that I'm only in 1 

I recently saw the show "Improviser" in which it was a thoughtful and entertaining look on actors doing improv professionally.  There was a veyr insightful scene where a given actor continuously asks the same group of friends to come see their various shows night after night, week after week.  The friends hate the material, hate being out all night, and wish they would get a break from the invites and the promotion yet the continue to support the girl in her efforts.  I feel like those friends with all of us actors trying to get support from the same group of people which are other actors.   

Why are we so bad at supporting each other?  Is it the nature of the business to not support?  Or are there not enough hours in the day where we can go out to see each of these?  What incentives are there to make people want to see your show other than because you're in it?
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