Monday, December 8, 2008

Great Song Titles

I just returned from The Smashing Pumpkins show @ The Aragon tonight.  Here a song titles inspired by me observing the crowd:
  1. Fawk You(An Ode To Each of You)
    The title a play on a Pumpkins song title which is dedicated as an ode to no one.  There was so much apathy in the crowd tonight.  I felt like saying this to each of those standing there an not actively engaged.  Why buy tickets?!

  2. A Sense of Entitlement
    Why do girls think they can bump right into you and not expecting me to respond?  Why do they think they should be allowed to go up to the front of the crowd?  Just because they think they're good looking?  WTF?

  3. Now I'm Old
    I chose not to sing along with any of the hits tonight and let the people reliving their youth  do the work for me.  I was a total b-side mofo tonight.  I actually looked forward to the newest stuff that totally alientated 90% of the crowd.  99 Floors was pretty awesome for me.  Singing the new sh*t keeps me young .

  4. Forcin' It
    There were a couple of fools trying to start a mosh pit.  Why?  If the crowd isn't feeling it organicallym why force one?

  5. Disconnected Communication
    I saw so many mofos sitting in the back of the aragon texting and looking bored out of their minds.  Once again, why come to a rock show to not rock?  To not commune with other like-minded fans?  Or perhaps it's a commune of people that don't want really want to be a part of it...

  6. Change
    There's a lot of it going on.  I'm in the middle of it.  It's contagious.

  7. Dear Dad
    This one came to me while hearing Billy sing Medellia of the Grey Skies tonight.  It flashed me back to when I was on tour with Lonestar on the bus.  I made four 120 minute mixtapes of Pumpkins on them and this song was on it.  I remember what it felt like to feel pain due to hearing a simple song.  It got me thinking of what would make me feel like that again.
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