Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family - A Nice Way To Remind Yourself Of Where You’ve Been And Where You Need To Go

I just returned from our first trip to Texas with the Baby Boy in tow for the Grandparents to see him.  It's been long over due as he's already grown so much in the last 10 weeks.  He's already in his 6-9 month baby clothes!   

While we were there, within the first two hours of arriving at my parent's house, I was already wanting to go home.    My Dad went had a lot of unbridled energy on this trip.  He would light up every time he saw the baby and would want to play with him.  It was very sweet to see and I do appreciate it, but the energy got really annoying quickly, because he got 100 times louder than normal and didn't give a damn about what else was going on around him .  So, let's say the baby is trying to sleep, he would creep up on him and start messing with him.  The second the baby starts crying, he would walk away for everyone else to deal with the gush of unhappiness    Now, I know grandparents have that luxury of being able to be with their grandchildren and not really deal with the after effects, e.g., spoil them to death, but this was a little bit too much .  

It took me a while to get adjusted to it and interact with my family on a different level.  I as no longer just "the son" but now I was "the father/son" which meant I could switch roles depending on the situation.  I didn't realize how much I tended to revert back to being a  little kid with my Mom around until the baby would start crying and then *bam* Daddy Mode kicked in and I would deal with them on an "adult" level.  It was interesting. 

I saw the best and worst of family along with myself on this trip.  I realized just how much I've grown up in the last 10 years and just how much more I need to do in the next 10.

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