Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What a Historic Day

Some observations I've made today regarding this election:

  • This is the first presidential election in 8 years that ended relatively early. Pinche chads in Florida!

  • We've got a true African-American president in Obama. He holds a dual citizenship to Kenya and the US.

  • This may be the first step into getting Americans to truly unite. We truly are Americans at all time above all backgrounds and ethnicities.

  • Jesse Jackson cried at the post election rally. I couldn't help but wonder if they were tears of happiness or tears of envy.

  • There's a lot of talk about the white America vs. black America. I'm hoping Cheech Marin runs at some point. I want to be accused of voting for a Latino simply based on his skin color vs. supporting his issues.

  • I hope my son grows up to see know nothing about the level of divide we have in our country. I am inspired to think that we all get along from this point on.

  • OK. I get it. Oprah is in the audience. Oprah is rich and she supported him. I get it. TV Camermen, stop panning to her.

    I like, however, she was stuck with the regular people and was just a regular person. Low class, beatch!

  • Obama spoke quite well tonight. Fantastic speech.

It's time for a change for all of us. Embrace it.
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