Tuesday, November 18, 2008

C’mon Michael! Man Up!

I have mad love for the sane-ish Michael of yesteryear.  The black man that gave us the Jackson 5, The Wiz, and Thriller.  The last worthwhile record I bought was Dangerous.  Then Michael lost his cot damn mind, butchered his face and body with unneeded cosmetic surgery, got jiggy with some kids (allegedly), released a wack ass solo record entitled Invincible, had a bunch of kids, got married a couple of times, and went on TV and creeped me the fawk out enough for me to shake my head and say "What the hell happened?!"

After Michael moved to Bahrain, there were rumors that he was resting up for a comeback of some sort.  Since every other country in the world outside the US is still in love with him (especially the Romanians!), I figured that he would be away from the circus he helped create, and that break allow him to concentrate on being an artist.  I also heard he was considering a run in Vegas a la Celine Dion and Cher.  Cool.  Yeah, it's not 1983 Michael Jackson but at least he's working.  Then I see this article and think to myself "Why do I even hold out hope for this guy?!" 

This is a note to Michael.  Michael, get your stuff together man.  Grow the fawk up!  If you aren't already seeing therapists, then go and see them.  If you have therapists now, fire each of them, and get some from another source.  Act like a man of 50 years of age and pay your bills, own up to your obligations, and live up to your potential!  Stop borrowing money to live a lifestyle you know you cannot afford.  Face your fears and reality.  If you want to continue to be an artist, great!  We would like to see it.  Underneath all the BS in your former life, the REAL MJ needs to stand up and show himself to the world.
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