Friday, October 24, 2008

Those Ideas That Rattle In My Brain

I've got some stuff on my mind today:

  • Writers Who Cannot Write
    Hey writers! Learn to write correctly with proper grammar, syntax, punctuation, and cohesiveness. It's awful to read someone's work and then immediately want to cut and paste it into Word, mark it up with corrections, and send it back to them to show them just how much they need to brush up on basic writing skills. Make it easy on my eyes and get schooled.

  • Celebrity Rehab 2 Is Awesome
    Once again, Dr. Drew is putting a human side to addiction. His love and bedside manner almost makes me wish I had a drug problem just so I can experience the comradery . I told the wifey this and she encouraged me to go see a therapist. I might as well. I have medical benefits I don't use anyway so it'd be nice to get some stuff off my chest and ease my mind. No drugs needed here.

  • Promoting Shows Is Difficult
    I've been a promo ho the last few years and feel I am getting nowhere in attracting more people to shows. What more can I do to get butts in the seats?

  • Being A Father Is Cool
    I was talking to my best friend, and I told him my philosophy so far on raising my son. I told him that the work is ensuring he has a roof over his head, plenty to eat, is healthy, and that he's happy. Everything else he does, is my reward. When he smiles, coos, poops, sleeps, kicks, goes cross-eyed watching his fan...all of that is such a reward to see. Fawk yeah.

  • Americans Need To Get Real
    I was ready to write a whole, detailed blog regarding my belief on this. I decide dinstead to give a snippet of how I feel on this. The McCain/Palin camp jumped on Obama's "share the wealth" comments calling it effectively as a passive form of socialism. If Americans were truly against it, we wouldn't tolerate it.

    A lot of folks are against welfare and social programs. I am for abolish all forms of socialism if that's how people really feel. The financial crisis we're in? Let Fannie and Freddy fail. The bailout is corporate welfare. Tax breaks and subsidies for farmers and other industries? Cut all of them. Why is it okay for us to support these efforts but not support individuals?

    It's time we truly articulate our wants and needs individually and as a society and stick to it.
These are those thoughts that go on inside my head.

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