Monday, October 27, 2008

Loose Change - Loose Screws

I've been watching the 9/11 conspiracy theory documentary Loose Change after watching a 2 hour special on the History Channel covering all kinds of points regarding what people think happened on 9/11. I'll spare you a review of the film as there are plenty of them out there on the internet you can read and tailor it to your own biases. It did get a rise out of me, however. It reminded me that:

- I'm still pissed off that 9/11 happened.
- I believe it happened per what I saw with my own eyes via various media outlets
- People may have their conspiracy theories and entitled to them. However, when they go to places of mourning and solace shooting their mouths off to agitate people vs. motivate them for a reinvestigation, it is just wrong.

The film is well put together albeit incredibly biased in its points of interest. Some of the things they imply crack me up, .e.g, that the Pentagon wasn't hit by the AA Flight 77 but rather a devious plot to blow it up was devised for reasons unknown. The editing is very deliberate in getting just the right soundbites. It's reminiscent of a Michael Moore movie (granted, I like his movies but see his bias in them as well). The editing just makes it seem crazier to me than it probably is.

I feel the film leaves more questions than answers and to me doesn't cast enough doubt in my mind that 9/11 wasn't executed by a small group of men. Decide for yourselves what you want to believe.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hey! Take It From a 13 Year Old Girl

I was at a family gathering today celebrating my brother-in-law's birfday. I went outside with Lola and watched her sniff the grass, walk around, burn parts of the lawn, and all around be a sweetie pie . Across the street came a huge entourage of kids walking in a very determined and ambitious pace. I had my hoodie on due to the chilly weather and gusts of wind whipping around me; the heat coming off my bald head was being sucked right into the ether. I had my back turned to them while watching Lola. All of a sudden I hear "Hey, old guy! Across the street! The guy with the hoodie on! Turn around!" As the case with most people, I do exactly the opposite of what you ask me to do when you adress me that way (plus, I don't respond to "old guy" just yet...notice I said "yet" ). The continue to yell things at me and I kept ignoring them.

All of a sudden a flock of see-girls rush right next to me to take a look at me. They were all definitely very young with freckles, excessive amounts of badly put together make up, braces, and lots of gaudy jewelry on. They were all carrying bags of stuff and had cameras so I figured they were probably on a scavenger hunt of some sort for the evening. The lead girl looks at me and says, "Oh, wait. He's not old. Damn. Let's take a picture with him because he's hot." The other girls argued with her regarding my oldness and they decided they just had to take pciture with me to complete their picture as I was "older than they were and it's close enough to being old" . I took a picture with the gaggle and they went on their merry way. There was a boy with them that seemed a tiny bit younger than the girls (maybe a brother?). The girls thanked me as they walked off and the boy then proceeded to say "Thanks nigger!"

I stopped and thought "Dude, did he just call me nigger?" The kid was white and with the way he said it, I couldn't tell if it was a faux term of endearment or if he was trying to insult me. I let it slide and figured the kid was just being annoying. As the girls walked away, they saw me and said "Thank you!!!" and the same kid yelled out the same phrase he used earlier. At that point, I yelled back "You're welcome CRACKER!" just to see if I'd get a reaction out of him. I didn't see any reaction come out him from it.

Yes, I ultimately dabbled in racial ignorance tonight. My ego did get a tiny boost from the compliments the girls paid me. That kid needs to watch his mouth. Luckily, you can call me just about any name in the book and get away with it as it won't phase me. However, there are plenty of people that are programmed to take offense and will take action in a heartbeat to beat your arse!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Those Ideas That Rattle In My Brain

I've got some stuff on my mind today:

  • Writers Who Cannot Write
    Hey writers! Learn to write correctly with proper grammar, syntax, punctuation, and cohesiveness. It's awful to read someone's work and then immediately want to cut and paste it into Word, mark it up with corrections, and send it back to them to show them just how much they need to brush up on basic writing skills. Make it easy on my eyes and get schooled.

  • Celebrity Rehab 2 Is Awesome
    Once again, Dr. Drew is putting a human side to addiction. His love and bedside manner almost makes me wish I had a drug problem just so I can experience the comradery . I told the wifey this and she encouraged me to go see a therapist. I might as well. I have medical benefits I don't use anyway so it'd be nice to get some stuff off my chest and ease my mind. No drugs needed here.

  • Promoting Shows Is Difficult
    I've been a promo ho the last few years and feel I am getting nowhere in attracting more people to shows. What more can I do to get butts in the seats?

  • Being A Father Is Cool
    I was talking to my best friend, and I told him my philosophy so far on raising my son. I told him that the work is ensuring he has a roof over his head, plenty to eat, is healthy, and that he's happy. Everything else he does, is my reward. When he smiles, coos, poops, sleeps, kicks, goes cross-eyed watching his fan...all of that is such a reward to see. Fawk yeah.

  • Americans Need To Get Real
    I was ready to write a whole, detailed blog regarding my belief on this. I decide dinstead to give a snippet of how I feel on this. The McCain/Palin camp jumped on Obama's "share the wealth" comments calling it effectively as a passive form of socialism. If Americans were truly against it, we wouldn't tolerate it.

    A lot of folks are against welfare and social programs. I am for abolish all forms of socialism if that's how people really feel. The financial crisis we're in? Let Fannie and Freddy fail. The bailout is corporate welfare. Tax breaks and subsidies for farmers and other industries? Cut all of them. Why is it okay for us to support these efforts but not support individuals?

    It's time we truly articulate our wants and needs individually and as a society and stick to it.
These are those thoughts that go on inside my head.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What Kind of Father I Am

Yesterday the wifey and I found an odd but troubling medical condition with baby Alexi. As soon as it was brought to my attention, I basically flipped out. By flipping out, I mean I got very angry at myself . I was gripped by fear that my child would be in pain or harmed by something that I had done/not done as a first time father. I fought myself the entire time to not take my frustration with myself out on the wifey as well; it was an unsuccessful effort as I scowled at her at times with my pointed, passive aggressive comments . I rushed to get on the phone, make the necessary arrangements to have him looked at today, and was in a funk for the rest of the night.

It turned out that whatever was ailing him before cleared right up on its own and nothing needed to be done. The doctor gave Alexi a clean bill of health with almost a sense of "Why did you guys waste my time?" on his face .

I learned two things today. I totally love this kid and am willing and able to be his father. Secondly, I still have work to do to come to grips with the insecurities and fears in my life.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stringing Me Along

Tonight on the Science Channel there's a series called SciQ Sundays with one of my favorite theoretical physicists Michio Kaku. Tonight's item was the subject of time. I didn't get to really enjoy the entire show since the sound was off for most of it but this show dealt with a lot of string theory. I totally geeked out while watching this in the middle of family conversation They also dealt with the theory that there are other dimensions involved in order to understand the universe. Once they started on that bit, I was totally wishing there was another TV in the house . Anyway, in honor of that show, I'm reposting common man's guide to understanding the universe in 10 dimensions. Enjoy!

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First Father and Son Day

Tonight I helped free the Wifey from the shackles of motherhood for a few hours today. While she went shopping, I watched Baby Boy. I changed him, fed him, coddled him, burped him, wiped him, and got him to fall asleep pretty quickly. I know it'll be more challenging but I'm glad my first experience with him alone was fun.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The View Makes Me Go Blind

Thanks to me working from home and the fact that the wifey controls the TV thanks to her newfound Momma's Rights Bill that passed, i.e., baby boy, I've been watching The View over the last few days. They start the show off with political talk. When these ladies cut each other off, get hot&bothered regarding their favorite candidates (all but 1 seem to support Obama/Biden), and semi-passive aggressively attack each other personally, it's no wonder why all-women talk shows get a bad rap. The show turns into a cacklefest at that point and made me want to stab myself with a dull butter knife. Then the rest of show talks about things like health and beauty tips with boring guests. That part makes me want to commit Hara-kiri!

I think I'll watch a show that is more acceptable to my taste - MANswers!

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Health By Sickness?

I've had a wicked gastro-intestinal issue for the last few days. I went to Cheesecake Factory, had their scrumptious pecan pumpkin cheesecake after a quite mediocre Philly cheesesteak, and then got home with cramps and other issues. I've been losing a lot of water as a result; so much so that it reminded me of the bad case of Dehli Belly I had a couple of years ago. Once again, I've lost a lot of weight. By no means am I healthier, but damn it feels good to feel a bit thinner.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

We’ll Get ’Em Next Year!

That's what Cubs fans say every year. The Cubs managed to choke in the post-season by being swept in a series by the L.A. Dodgers, a team that had surprised even the best of baseball's armchair managers. So much news coverage was devoted to the Cubs "going all the way" that it was almost as if Chicago was trying to convince itself that the Cubs would win the World Series to shatter a 100 year WS drought. It makes me wonder why people root for this team after so much disappointment.

I respect those of you who go to the games, watch them on TV, know how they play, and support their team regardless of whether they win or lose. But what about those other fans getting wasted in the bleachers? Why do they stick around? Why are these people going to their games? How does this team, which manages to fawk up traffic in town regardless of what side you live on when they play at home, hold onto such a fanbase? Why aren't some of these fans at Blackhawks games? It's been a REALLY long time since they've won something and they're a Chicago team.

Yes, I am taking some passive agressive jabs at The Cubs. So be it.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Death by Disconnected Communication

It turns out that the engineer who crashed that commuter train into an oncoming freight train had sent a text message 22 seconds before he died. He had received at least 50 on the route. Frankly, it's sad that he wanted to communicate so bad with others but didn't put in the time to truly talk to them. As a result (and purely by conjecture), he lost his life. Would he still be alive had he actually been talking on the phone? I don't know. I'm just commenting on what a detriment to our society text-based conversations are.

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