Monday, September 8, 2008

Very Mundane Awarding

I caught a part of the VMAs last night and saw Britney win all of her nominations for awards. for some reason I can't accept that she "truly" deserved those awards. Granted, all of the awards are BS anyway, but I have trained my mind into suspending disbelief . What offended me so much about it was just how obvious and blatantly planned her "winning" the awards was. There was the hype around whether or not she would show up at the awards. Then there was the hype around whether she would perform to redeem herself for last year's awards performance debacle. She got a standing ovation for just showing up? WTF?

Is it that these people just want their "old Britney" back? Or is that she had such a great record, music video, and dance performance that she deserved it?

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