Thursday, August 28, 2008

You (Tube) Trolls

Sean John Combs (Diddy) posted up a clip of him boarding an American Airlines flight. He ranted about how fuel costs are so high that he can't fly his own private jet, thus, is cutting costs by flying like us regular people. I went ahead and posted up an off-the-cuff response while it was fresh in my head. I allowed people to post comments. Here are some of them:

  • P Diddy can go to hell
  • did he just say moped?
  • never seen a beard like that, unique
  • moped? ur a douche!get a real vehicle loser
The last one prompted this blog. The anonymity of the internet allow people to insult other without any fear of true retribution. For some, the feel overempowered to go overboard and allow them to destroy the lives socially and/or financially without a second thought.

Granted, these comments are not to that extreme but it got me thinking of what kind of people these folks are. What are they like away from the computer? Are they as intimidating as their online alter-egos? Would they step to folks in malicious manners offline as they do online? I would think for a majority of them, my answer would be no but I don't honestly know (nor really care to find out).

I'll be adjusting more to the idea of people hating on me "just because". I'll need to be grounded and believe solidly in me and my work to be able to handle it
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