Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rawkin’ The Corn Fields

Performing in front of large groups isn't always easy. You never know why all those people have been put together and the reason they're watching you perform. The crowd can be incredibly into what you're doing and or ignoring you incredibly easily. Luckily, I got a crowd that was awesomely supportive and into what my group was doing up on stage. 1200 people cheering and giving standing ovations does a lot for the ego .

The thing I enjoyed about the experience was how comfortable I felt on stage. It was my job as part of the show to break the ice and to warm the crowd up for the rest of the presentation. I stuck pretty closely to the script but ad libbed here and there to draw people into the moments. The whole experience felt like stand-up to me and I realized just how much I missed performing solo and with groups. After a while, I was giving out the proverbial peace signs to people in the crowd and getting them back in respect. SKILLZ! Right after the show we were asked again by the hosts to come out again and take our props. The audience blew up with applause and whistles. It was awesome!

I get to do it again soon. I'll shoot for giving at least the same level of performance and living in those moments.

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