Friday, August 1, 2008

Excercising to Surf

Ever since I got back from San Diego, I've been unable to get to the gym. It fookin' sucks! Somehow I've managed to find things more important to me than working out such as finding measurements of the house for our remodeling projects, getting ready for the baby shower, rehearsing for various projects, shows, pooping, sleeping, and other things . I've got to keep my physique up from a week of fantastic rides on waves.

Surfing requires a lot of core and upper body strength. I found out I lack a lot of it. It also requires endurance as you have to paddle out for a good 10-15 minutes to get to a spot where you can ride decent waves (or in my case, paddle out, fight 6-8' waves, get knocked off the board 20 times along the way in the hopes to maybe catch one 20 minutes later ). By the time you get out there you are so exhausted you can't muster the strength to pop up on the board for a while.

I'm going to hit the gym with a paddle board under me and just practice that very motion for 20 minutes. If I do that 3 times a day, I should be able to maintain a level of readiness for next year I'm also going to work on *sigh* my core, i.e., stomach and back muscles, to get that strong. It's always been weak and my back is starting to suffer strains as a result . To be candid, I hate doing all these exercises but I sure love the benefits. I know I have to change my attitude if I want to make exercising a part of my lifestyle. No more sippin' Crystal, riding in extended H2s, and late night party binges for me .

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