Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do These Really Work?

During the spring and summer months, Chicagoans get the fun task of looking at street and paper signs thrown up on nearby trees as to when these monstrosities of cleanliness are going to ding their cars clean the streets. It's a fun game because if you decide you're not going to repark the car the night before or get up early, you are almost guaranteed a hefty fine from the city of Chicago since you obstructed their path to sanitation.

The intersting part to me is that I don't understand how these dumb things work. Today I watched one go down the street and just kick up a lot of dirt and push litter to the curb. I didn't see any liquid being sprayed down, no suction of dirt and debris, nor "cleaning" going around. All I saw was a dude talking on his cellular phone driving precariously close to parked cars, ignoring street signs as if they were more like they were traffic safety suggestions, and making me cough with all the crap in the air.

What exactly is my tax money going towards again for the Department of Streets and Sanitation again? Someone please explain!

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