Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Aye For An Eye!

Last night I was giddy as can be after coming off an impromptu improv show where we totally rawked it. In happy spirits, I was at the mirror getting ready for bed and attempted to take out my right eye's contact lens. Right as I got a hold of it, it tore! I pulled out the remains of the lens and saw that about half of it was gone! The other half was nowhere to be found; it wasn't on the floor, the counter nor from what I could see in my eye. However, there was something definitely in my eye.

So for about an hour, I struggled with trying to figure out what could be done. The wifey and I saw that an eyelash was in my eye as well. I eventually worked it out but still couldn't help feeling that the contact was in there . If you didn't know about this, eye care is one of my top priorities. I wash my hands everytime I deal with my eyes. Rarely have I slept with contacts on. I keep my lenses hydrated and clean. It's a big deal to me. So, to have this thing in my eye that could totally scratch my cornea and get infected was a big deal.

I started thinking of what I might have to do to resolve this issue. Emergency room, here we come! Book an eye doctor's appointment in the morning. *sigh* I started to breathe heavy and was scared as hell as to how I am going to resolve this.

After resting a few minutes, I asked the wifey to swing by one more time and look for it. She finally saw a sliver of the contact in the back upper right side of my eye. Great. She washed her hands, dried them and went after it. We finally got it out. We both looked at the piece and it was completely flat; no contours on it to allow it to bunch of when being taken out. That's why it was able to get away from me. Zom-bitch!

I'm wearing glasses today as I am out of contacs and that scenario spooked me a bit. Id rather be out of focus than completely blind .

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