Friday, July 11, 2008

Nobody Puts Baby In the Corner

"Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner" is one the most memorable and quoted suggestions given to me by an audience when I ask for a phrase they may have heard that day or advice that their mother had given them (weirdly enough, if you're mom gives you that kind of advice at age 35, you're probably living in her basement and need to move out ). I didn't know until recently it was a Grease reference; however, I now know what that really means.

In the last few days, I've been trying to procrastinate with the baby related items such as fixing up the house, getting rid of stuff, fixing the floors, putting new paint up, etc. I've determined that I can't do that very well. I think about why I would procrastinate and it's because I am scared of what my life is gong to be like once Alex is here. Alternatively, I then think about how much better my life is going to be, thus, I get motivated to do stuff for him.

Nobody put (my) baby in the corner (since he's the first thing on my mind).

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