Sunday, July 20, 2008

And The Oscar Goes To...

...anyone but Heath Ledger next go around .

I saw The Dark Night last night with 300 of my closest friends at the theatre in Old Orchard. I picked that theatre, because I was hoping to get away from some of the folks who think that a movie theatre is their own personal living room and constantly talk or text during the movie in order to best ruin the experience for all.

The movie is great. It's fun, dark, mysterious and well acted by all involved in the project. Heath's performance brings out the comic book version of The Joker quiet well and makes him believable without being campy (unlike Tim Burton's version as played by Jack Nicholson). Now, if you ask me if it's an Oscar winning performance, I categorically say no. He was really good. He can act circles around me. However, I wouldn't give him an award for the performance.

Yes, I feel that he's even being talked about because of the hype around how he prepared for the role and his subsequent accidental death (coupled with the fact everyone pretty much loved the first one). He was great and it sucks he won't be coming back to reprise the role somewhere down the line; however, I feel that has clouded people's perception of his performance in the movie.

The most public award I could give him would be like an MTV Movie Award. Not to trivialize his acting by doing so, but rather, that award show is what this film would be better suited for winning awards for than the Academy Awards. Personally, I give him mondo props and gratitude for what he accomplished in the film.

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