Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whoah! Yeah! Kickstart My Heart!

I hit my third roller rink of Chicagoland tonight. Funny how I've lived here for 10 years and had only gone to 2 other rollerinks (one was Rainbo, which I believe was the only rink actually within the city limits but it was torn down years ago to make room for condos, and the other ones was in Plainfield). They are somewhat of a commodity here as you can only find them in the 'burbs. We celebrated a friend of mine's birthday there. I could easily say I was the best skater tonight amongst us. I was complimented on my agility on the wooden floor and was told how they wish they could do it. I told them that while they were out going on dates, I was at the Rollercadehoning my skill son skates and unsuccessfully hitting on girls while I was there

I forgot just how much fun skating can be! I only wish I knew of some people who could skate relatively well and would like to join up for weekly blades in the city. It's something I look forward to hopefully do with Alexi once he's a little older .

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