Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nelson Phone (Coming) Home

I've ordered my replacement phone as it's been a week without my cellphone. Here are a few observations I've had since I haven't had my phone:

  1. Time slows down. I use my phone as my main chronological measuring tool and not having it has definitely made the days longer and everything that happens in it.

  2. I know who my true friends are. In this entire week, I've only received one voicemail. Granted, I probably thwarted other people's attempts to call since I let everyone know my phone has been incognito. However, those same people have had my home phone number and only 2 people have called.

  3. My own life seems so much more interesting now. I am not as concerned about what other people are doing to prompt me to call them. I live my life moment-to-moment.

  4. Life goes on. Just because I don't have my phone it doesn't mean things stop. Damn. I just blew my whole "THe Entire World Revolves Around Nelson" theory

  5. Owning the iPhone is still a ways off. I want one primarily for the web browsing and cool factor. It'd also free up my iPod Classic to give to the wifey while I bump tunes in the phone. However, I can't justify the cost of buying one unlocked, signing a contract with T-Mobile, buying a SIM card for it, and keeping my family on Sprint at the same time. It's just not cost effective.
Oh well. I'll get a nice, shiny replacement Sanyo Katana phone for $50 in a couple of days. Hopefully I can carry over some of the freedoms I rediscovered when I didn't have it with my new phone.
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