Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Reject B.J.’s

My first experience with B.J., a Costco/Sam's Club-like club-only warehouse facility popular on the east coast, was a little unpleasant. After spending most of the time roaming around looking for barbecue items like meat, rub, pasta, vegetables, Yankees hats, and additional memory for my camera, we got in-line at the checkout. It was nice to know that all warehouses are madhouses on the weekends across America. An Amy Grant song ("Baby Baby") was playing and it was obligatory for me to sing along. That's when the drama went down.

The girl at the counter looks me straight in the eye and says immediately, "Don't quit your day job. You need to keep it." I looked for a smile or a chuckle but it didn't come. I looked straight back and her and replied, "That was rude. Just simply rude. Are there any other insults you would like to give me while I stand here?" She then realized I wasn't kidding. She then half-ass apologized to me and said, "Well, I'm sorry if you got offended by it. I was ONLY joking." I then said, "We don't have the kind of relationship. You don't know me and I don't know you. I just found you really rude." She then began to quickly attempt to check us out. I then left the checkout area to find a bathroom to relieve myself physically and emotionally.

The reason I actually didn't go along with her joke was because it was the first thing she said to me as a customer. No "Hi, how are you? Welcome to B.J.'s" or "May I have your card?" came up prior to her comment. It was just *bang* insult. When I thought of my response, I thought of it in slow motion. Here's what went on in my mind:

What did she just say? Is she serious? Yep, looks like it. Was I out of tune? I don't think so. What a rude thing to say. Maybe she was just joking. Actually, I don't care if she is. What kind of customer service is this to insult your patrons? Who the hell does she think she is?!

An evil part of me came out today. The fact that I felt so justified in my reaction scared me a little because normally I recognize that she just pushed a button of mine, and, thus, I take a "big man" approach to it. This time, for whatever reason, I chose to lash back. I know that part of the reaction is delving in my insecurities but the other one is my anger towards the decline in good customer service.

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