Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Ladies!

Please check out this voicemail from a guy named Dimitri to a chick named Olga.

Now, I agree that Dimitri is arrogant and a bit overbearing with his diatribe about how good a catch he is and playing pseudo/amateur psychologist regarding the motivations behind why this woman hasn't returned his phone calls. Apparently he hasn't read She's Just Not Into You either; however, he does bring up a few good points that always rub me the wrong way about courtships.

  1. People play games when they like each other. Why? Both women and men play games rather than being honest with themselves and each other. Dimitri believe that Olga may not be calling him back because she's playing the "wait and call" game that I've heard so much about.


    My gawd that is some bullshit! Why are you calling them in the first place? Because you like them. And because you like them and have only the intention of getting to know them better, why wait? If the person you're calling deems you a stalker or a weirdo because they're unsure about how to receive your phone call, maybe you should reconsider why you're pursuing them.

    I get calls from my female friends about this and this is exactly what I tell them. One of the things I love most about my wife is that she went after me. We didn't play BS games with each other. She liked me. She called me. I reciprocated.

  2. Dimitri did something that I think is valid (granted, he was a dick about how he went about explaining it). D-Man put limits on when he would be available for her. He was incredibly direct and to the point about what he wanted. I respect that part of it. Ladies, if a guy is a direct with you about what he wants, enjoy that part of that. Men, don't play around with hinting and toying with setting up those dates. Honesty is the key for any relationship to truly work. Starting with it upfront goes a long way.

  3. As far as his statement that he says "There's nothing wrong with him", it's way off-base as his ego is leading that portion of the conversation. We are all messed up in some way. The world is a mess and it's perfect that way. Find the person who just as messed up as you are and settle down.
Yes, this post is a bit contradictory in nature. I recognize that Dimitri is a jerk but at the same time defending some of the higher point elements I feel he was trying to get across until his ego got the best of him. Hopefully this advice will help some of y'all out there.

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