Monday, May 26, 2008

Gawd Bless Gremlins

I was just about to finish up the reorganization of my desktop tonight when I fired up all the peripherals and the machine. My machine had a little trouble recognizing the drive I have all my audio stuff on but after a few minutes, I got it all working. However, my hard drive with tons of video on it was not being recognized. After about a half hour of troubleshooting, I noticed the drive is clicking. Fawk! And, of course, since there are gigabytes of data on there, I don't have a backup.

This is the second damn hard drive I've had go out on me and I'm getting sick of losing data. I am in the market for a more robust RAID solution where I can auto-copy and sync my data across drives such that if one of them go down, I can still recover. Who knew I had to turn my home PC into a damn data center!

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