Friday, May 23, 2008

Do You Do Me?

Last night was a night of good stuff. Brat Pack had a decent crowd and we had a lot of fun up on stage. My suggestion for my character The Geek was "You can stop time" as a superpower I used it as any good geek would and would freeze time with the right female to have my things go my way (with or without her) . We rocked it with a battle rap somewhere in there regarding different kinds of spray paint. Insane!

The Genre show afterwards was awesome as well. We were able to pull off a few scene with mixtures of different genres but yet we were able to make the scenes work and get them all tied up at the end.

After the show, I BSed with a friend of mine working the boof (yes, boof) and he gave me a mondo compliment regarding me being perfect for a major sketch/improv show going on in the city. Seeing that I really respect his opinion since he's seen show after show for such a long time and has seen plenty of awesome actors, to have him think highly enough of me to be on par with some of the best actors in the city was a massive ego boost. Yes, it was just an opinion but it's one that I will keep as a feather in my hat.

So, a night of accomplishments was in the cards at this poker table! Thanks to all of you who came out and rawked with us!

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