Friday, April 4, 2008

Young MC To The Rescue!

Yesterday I headed over to Second City for an impromptu audition for new show going up in a few weeks. I was contacted directly by the director to audition after receiving some recommendations from the faculty and staff over there (thank you guys for keeping me in mind!). It was the most interestingly non-traditional audition I’ve had .

For the first part of the audition, I was asked to rap. Apparently this is major part of the show. I asked if there was anything in particular they wanted to hear. They let me know that I could take any particular song I want or even freestyle if need be. So, my mind began racing through all of the songs I could use and nothing felt good. Then I thought about Young MC. I could do Bust A Move but to me that would’ve been a little too easy and trivial to perform as I do it al the time at karoake bars (since typically it’s the only Young MC song they have in their catalogs ). I then decided to try a song I’ve never performed live and went with Know How from his first record which is great example of his excellent lyricism on that record (probably the best from all of his records). So, I spat the rhymes out and they seemed to perk up while I did it. It was fun as hell. I fumbled a few words here and there since I haven’t tossed that song into the mix for a while but I got through it. After I completed I got some applause and the director whips out his cellphone and starts waving it in the air in respect! I can’t remember the last time that’s ever happened. The rest of the auditions were doing impressions of political candidates and then redoing the rap song as one of them. Overall, it was a fun audition.

We’ll see where it goes. My availability is killing me through June right now . I really just wanted to head down there and let them who I was and to keep me in consideration for any future projects they may have as well as to honor those folks who threw my name into the hat of actors they recognize have skillz.

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