Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Two Ketchup Doctrine

I went to Chik-Fil-A today and ordered a no. 1 combo meal with no pickles. I also asked for ketchup and mayonnaise. The girl got my order ready and proceeded to hand me two handfuls of ketchup and mayo! I was pleasantly surprised as usually fast food workers are stingy about giving up ketchup.

No matter how much food one may order, fast food workers think that two tiny ketchup packets will cover and entire meal; it's as if they believe the customer is Christ and can make that amount of ketchup last forever. No one I know of would just grab two ketchup packets if they had the choice, thus, I must believe management has made the Two Ketchup Doctrine standard across the country. When I order my food at these establishments, when asked for if I would like any condiments, I say, "Yeah. I'd like two complete handfuls of ketchup. Give me as many as you would use when you eat out." Typically I get a laugh, a smile, and just enough ketchup to make the meal enjoyable. Sometimes I get the dreaded two ketchup packets which forces me to ask for more.

I've learned to eat a lot of fast food without ketchup as a result. However, it is nice to have it when desired.

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