Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Needed Today

Today was gorgeous day in Chicago. It was sunny outside, the wind was moderately blowing, and the temperature was somewhere in the 60s. I had performed my promotionathon Friday and Saturday and felt like I could actually take a break from it and enjoy the day.

No sooner than I had decided on doing that, I spent a couple of hour sin the morning creating this for Brat Pack :

Okay, so I lost a couple of hours of daylight! I showered, got dressed, then went out for a walk. I figured I wasn't starving, therefore, I could walk to where I wanted to eat. Heading east on Montrose, I headed towards the park on Montrose and Western to see what was going on there. I chose on this walk to not wear any sunscreen and allow the UV rays to damage my skin as it wanted to. Lord knows I need the vitamin D . It was great to see all the people milling about with their kids, dogs, and various sporting equipment enjoying the day like I was.

I decided to head on over to a sports bar that I've been meaning to eat at for a while on Lincoln and Irving Park. When it first opened up, it had a Texas motif to it. So, of course, I had to go and check it out. The owner claimed he was from Austin so we struck up a conversation about what we liked about Chicago and what we liked about Texas. I then sat down to order some non-authentic Texas cuisine. I ended up getting the nachos there which wasn't anything too terribly exciting. It basically tasted like high school football stadium nachos . Since I hd rehearsal in a few hours and was about 45 minutes away from home walking distance, I booked out of there.

I got home and promoted the hell out of BP:TM on MySpace by hitting up every local Chicago contact we had on our page with the video No rest for the weary. Instead of it feeling like a chore, I actually enjoyed doing it today as I felt like I was doing my part to make this show as successful as possible.

The point of me telling you about my day is that it's the first time this year I've enjoyed being. Yes, just being. I lived moment-to-moment for a while and it was so liberating. I look forward to more of these mini-vacations from myself.

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