Monday, February 18, 2008

King of Pain

I was at a rehearsal and ordered a meal from Burger King on a take-out run. As I devoured my sandwich, the last bites were met with a crunch followed by a weird grittiness as if I was eating sand. I before it registered in my mind, I swallowed the last bite. I thought, "Oh gawd. I hope I don't get sick from that bite." The very next day, I came down with a horrible head cold.

Realizing I conjured up the illness through power of intent, I've been trying to figure out why I did this. Was it confirm that it works? Was it some weird need to punish myself and make myself sick just for fun? I figure it's to prove to myself that it worked. It worked so well that I had to take breaks during a rehearsal I was directing to allow my blood pressure to go down because it hurt every time I would move around. While fighting a sense of nausea, I then struggled to drive myself and a friend to Uncle Julio's hoping that food would help me. I could barely hold a conversation and eat anything while experiencing chills in my body. The only thing I can think of was getting home to get to bed. Once I got home, I konked out from 6 PM to 9 AM the next morning. Nyquil is a mofo !

I am feeling way better after resting a lot this weekend. More blogging will ensue!

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