Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dreaming Into a Reality?

Head colds and exhaustion play funny tricks on a person. Last night I had a very vivid dream. I was in a basement/subterranean venue that was officially sanctioned by Second City and performing my very first show as an ensemble member (an ensemble for what I'm not too sure) with another guy from my level 5 class who I got along with and didn't mind sharing a stage with. We were supposed to have 15 minutes to perform anything we wanted even though there was an understood running order that typically the emsemble would use night after night. We decided to put on a spectacular show that included an elongated two-man scene that involved a lot of puns, some physical displays of prowess, and an elaborate musical at the end where we included members from the ensemble to perform along with us as we ran around the basement delivering setups and payoffs, dance breaks, and incredible melodies (where the hell was the audience? ). We finished the show and headed back to a locker room/greenroom.

As I walked into the greenroom feeling awesome about the show, there were three Second City directors sitting in an office at a desk that I recognized easily discussing what just happened and giving me very concerned looks as I walked by. I was called in by one of them and was told that the show went way too long and was too expensive. "What the hell were you thinking?" came up a lot in the conversation . We then watched the end of the show on tape and analyzed my improvisation style. I was told that I was gifted individual but this performance was subpar, too frantic in energy, and unfocused. I was so saddened that I woke up.

As I think about the meaning of this dream, my interpretation is basically a reflection of how I feel about where I am in my skill set. So much potential yet so much to learn.

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