Monday, February 11, 2008

Attracting Busyness

A personal assistant would be awesome right now. Over the last three weeks I've been double or even triple booked almost every day in the week with different activities and then scramble to get things changed to accommodate. It freakin' sucks because I hate inconveniencing anybody involved, however, I gotsta do what a brotha gotsta do. I'm incredibly thankful for these opportunities.

I was watching Oprah thanks to Jill telling me that she had Louis Hay, who I studied about with my vocal teacher, and a couple of other ladies on there and they were discussing The Law of Attraction(LOW). I believe in the LOW (although at times I get into bad habits and forget about it) and it was awesome to see it being on TV to remind me to continue to live by it. I know I manifested that particular show to come at that particular time in my life. At the time I was dealing with some strong negative personal feelings/attitudes and wasn't sure how I was going to work through them. The show as on and the phrase "Just let it go" kept being repeated in the conversation. Again, I manifested that to be said to me and I felt so much better once I let go of my ill will. Another exercise Louise Hay wanted people to do was to look in the mirror and say "I love you" to themselves. I did that the very next day as I know that I needed to tell myself that lately. Soon after doing so, I got cold called for two auditions, did a great job at another one, got asked to go to New Orleans for a show, began recording sessions with my band, and enjoyed a great time with my wife and dog with some friends. Love attracted love!

I've officially joined the Oprah Book Club so I can join in on the webinar with Eckhardt Tolle starting March 3rd. In the past I've blasted Oprah for her seemingly self-indulgence, which I still feel is there, however, she has done one good thing by exposing people to these concepts. If more people can see the effects and feel empowered in their lives, I feel that there can be such a great change in the world.

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