Wednesday, February 27, 2008

March Madness Early?

I am mad. I've been driven mad by this madness called college sports. I hate college-level sports, college sports coverage, and college sports half-time shows. I grew up watching professional sports teams in San Antonio where college sports weren't very big at all since the closest team to give a shit about was a good hour away in Austin. I hate seeing low scoring games where most of the shots are way off and the games just drag on. Yes, I know they're amateurs and I know they're closer to us regular players than the big, fancy professional players. I don't care. If you're going to dominate the airwaves with this crap for a few hours, at least have the decency to make the games worthwhile. Fawk March Madness.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dreaming Into a Reality?

Head colds and exhaustion play funny tricks on a person. Last night I had a very vivid dream. I was in a basement/subterranean venue that was officially sanctioned by Second City and performing my very first show as an ensemble member (an ensemble for what I'm not too sure) with another guy from my level 5 class who I got along with and didn't mind sharing a stage with. We were supposed to have 15 minutes to perform anything we wanted even though there was an understood running order that typically the emsemble would use night after night. We decided to put on a spectacular show that included an elongated two-man scene that involved a lot of puns, some physical displays of prowess, and an elaborate musical at the end where we included members from the ensemble to perform along with us as we ran around the basement delivering setups and payoffs, dance breaks, and incredible melodies (where the hell was the audience? ). We finished the show and headed back to a locker room/greenroom.

As I walked into the greenroom feeling awesome about the show, there were three Second City directors sitting in an office at a desk that I recognized easily discussing what just happened and giving me very concerned looks as I walked by. I was called in by one of them and was told that the show went way too long and was too expensive. "What the hell were you thinking?" came up a lot in the conversation . We then watched the end of the show on tape and analyzed my improvisation style. I was told that I was gifted individual but this performance was subpar, too frantic in energy, and unfocused. I was so saddened that I woke up.

As I think about the meaning of this dream, my interpretation is basically a reflection of how I feel about where I am in my skill set. So much potential yet so much to learn.

Monday, February 18, 2008

King of Pain

I was at a rehearsal and ordered a meal from Burger King on a take-out run. As I devoured my sandwich, the last bites were met with a crunch followed by a weird grittiness as if I was eating sand. I before it registered in my mind, I swallowed the last bite. I thought, "Oh gawd. I hope I don't get sick from that bite." The very next day, I came down with a horrible head cold.

Realizing I conjured up the illness through power of intent, I've been trying to figure out why I did this. Was it confirm that it works? Was it some weird need to punish myself and make myself sick just for fun? I figure it's to prove to myself that it worked. It worked so well that I had to take breaks during a rehearsal I was directing to allow my blood pressure to go down because it hurt every time I would move around. While fighting a sense of nausea, I then struggled to drive myself and a friend to Uncle Julio's hoping that food would help me. I could barely hold a conversation and eat anything while experiencing chills in my body. The only thing I can think of was getting home to get to bed. Once I got home, I konked out from 6 PM to 9 AM the next morning. Nyquil is a mofo !

I am feeling way better after resting a lot this weekend. More blogging will ensue!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jerry Springer Translator

One of the better parts of the always trashy Jerry Springer Show is Danny The Translator, a guy who gets called out to translate what's being said between dueling parties involved. However, the translator translates everything said into Spanish . What a bloody genius gag! Granted, some of what gets translated doesn't really make sense in Spanish but it's fun to watch him try to do it. My favorite response from some of the redneck guests they get up there is , "Sorry, buddy...but I don't understand es-pan-yole! You gotta speak American!"

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Vested Interest in AI

No, I'm not talking about artificial intelligence. I'm talking about American Idol. Due to a nifty DVR, I've been watching the auditions and now the selection process for the final 24 that America will begin voting on. Why am I watching intently now? I think it has to do with the fact that I'm also auditioning for stuff on my own and I enjoy watching the performances, the judges' feedback, and the reactions of those auditioning. I feel a kindred spirit with these folks that I didn't before.

One of the things I found interesting was how a lot of contestants claimed that if they didn't make it through, they would give up their dreams in music or singing. The perceive that it's the end of the world and they would never get another opportunity to pursue their dreams. In certain auditions I place a bit of weight on achieving my goal. If I show basically with a care-free mentality, truly feeling free from the outcome of the audition, typically the audition goes very well. However, if any gravity is put into caring about the outcome, the audition goes awry or the outcome doesn't become what I would like it to be. The truth is there will always be opportunities for all of us to continue pursuing our goals and dreams. Its just another moment in the string of life to experience and learn from.

I found myself feeling the elation and sadness along with each of the contestants as they found out whether or not they made it. It's nice to be connected to a part of myself to allow me to connect with others.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Attracting Busyness

A personal assistant would be awesome right now. Over the last three weeks I've been double or even triple booked almost every day in the week with different activities and then scramble to get things changed to accommodate. It freakin' sucks because I hate inconveniencing anybody involved, however, I gotsta do what a brotha gotsta do. I'm incredibly thankful for these opportunities.

I was watching Oprah thanks to Jill telling me that she had Louis Hay, who I studied about with my vocal teacher, and a couple of other ladies on there and they were discussing The Law of Attraction(LOW). I believe in the LOW (although at times I get into bad habits and forget about it) and it was awesome to see it being on TV to remind me to continue to live by it. I know I manifested that particular show to come at that particular time in my life. At the time I was dealing with some strong negative personal feelings/attitudes and wasn't sure how I was going to work through them. The show as on and the phrase "Just let it go" kept being repeated in the conversation. Again, I manifested that to be said to me and I felt so much better once I let go of my ill will. Another exercise Louise Hay wanted people to do was to look in the mirror and say "I love you" to themselves. I did that the very next day as I know that I needed to tell myself that lately. Soon after doing so, I got cold called for two auditions, did a great job at another one, got asked to go to New Orleans for a show, began recording sessions with my band, and enjoyed a great time with my wife and dog with some friends. Love attracted love!

I've officially joined the Oprah Book Club so I can join in on the webinar with Eckhardt Tolle starting March 3rd. In the past I've blasted Oprah for her seemingly self-indulgence, which I still feel is there, however, she has done one good thing by exposing people to these concepts. If more people can see the effects and feel empowered in their lives, I feel that there can be such a great change in the world.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

V Me on T Ve

Today I got to be taped for a segment for Ventana Chicago, a show similar to Chicago Tonight, to be aired Tuesday and Saturday next week on V-Me, the first national Spanish-language public television network. I was with Salsation for this segment where we were promoting The Devil Wears Chanklas. We did 4 skits (2 long, two short) and had a great time. Stay tuned for more information.

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The Elixirs of (Texan) Champions

Texas does an incredible job of brainwashing their residents into believing in and loving everything about Texas; the good, the bad, and the ugly are all adored (with a lot of revisionism and justification at times ). I am definitely a by-product of this process as I had lived there practically my entire life. I love the Texas Longhorns, the Texas beaches, the rodeo and bull riding, late nights at Taco Cabana, the highway system, Fiesta, etc. I even want to move back there some day for some weird reason.

While looking up a few things on the internet, I decided to look up the story on Dr. Pepper (DP). I have an issue with Chicago as a lot of restaurants do not carry DP as part of their non-alcoholic selection. Many times I hear, "Sorry but we only carry Coke products" or "Sorry, we only carry Pepsi products" and even sometimes, "Sorry, amigo, we only carry Columbian products. The best white powder and coffee beans carried by a burro!" I didn't realize just how Texas DP was! When I was a kid I hated it, but then learned to love it as I grew up. It tasted like cough syrup gone bad. Now it taste like spicy cough syrup (it sure as hell beats Nyquil in a taste test although Robitussin kicks a lot of arse in the cherry flavor category ).

I decided to look up another one of my favorite drinks, Big Red (BR). I remember the first time I drank that at the behest of my best friend who told me "You've gotta try it. It tastes like bubble gum!" It did taste like bubble gum! I've been hooked ever since. It's also a Texas-inspired drink that only until recently wasn't being sold in Chicago. If you want to have the best BR, buy glass bottled BR. If that's not possible, the closest thing to an original bottle of BR is to fill a cooler full of ice and place cans of BR on top and let it chill for a coupe of hours. Pull it out and drink it. YUM! For some reason, the flavor of the product doesn't reach its full potential unless one does it this way. Putting it in the fridge or freezer doesn't produce the same results. Anyway, it's a Texas favorite as well!

I've been drinking this stuff for years. I recently have been cutting back my intake a lot due to the amount of sugar in them. It makes me crazy! Well, that and the Columbian powder I mix in them for that extra KICK!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I’m Going To Rehab

As success continues to mount, I feel I need to go to rehab. I figure if I start early, then when I really need it, it'll sink in more deeply as a lot of my defenses will already be circumvented. I'm planning on sitting in a chair and answering all kinds of questions about my childhood and current beliefs and perceptions in a yes/no manner only. Wait...that's my upcoming episode of To Tell The Truth... fawk. Call Dr. Drew!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Science for Actors

Just recently I found out that Nancy Cartwright, the voice of the lovable Bart Simpson, was a Scientologist and had given over $10 million last year to the church. I knew about the big names such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta. I know that Will Smith, who I loved and adored as the Fresh Prince back in the day and have come to respect as an actor lately, has been courted by them lately. If he decides to become one, I will be heart broken.

I won't delve too deeply into the whole "Is Scientology really a religion?" debate. Based on my own research into it, I just know it's not right for me or anyone else . It's too close to a cult for me, however, if people are genuinely happy and are okay with the spending a lot of money to reach higher levels of OT clearness, then by all means, have fun.

Curiosity got the best of me so I looked up what other actors are into Scientology. I was shocked at a few of them. The funny thing is, a lot of these actors I can see me supporting their work even though I have an aversion to Scientology. So, will I see Will willingly? I guess only time will tell.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Courageous Rue Artwork

Hi Folks:

I've finally finished up the Courageous E.P.'s artwork. The record should be at iTunes, Rhapsody, and Amazon in the next few weeks. Here's the cover:

There are a number of paradoxes contained within the cover, hence, why I enjoy it so much. See if you can figure it out!
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A Quick Update

I went to Florida last week for work. It was incredibly uneventful except for a few things like meeting up to party with old theatre friends, eating at a multitude of chain restraunts, and writing stand-up material at Hooters. I'm back in Chicago. Happy to be here. More blogs to come.

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