Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Master Chef Veezo

I've renewed my interest in cooking again recently. I've been eating out so much the last few months that I'm forgetting what home cookin' tastes like! I've been making almost daily trips to the supermarket to see what new stuff I could conjure up. Lately, my focus has been on sandwiches of some sort. I've created recipes for:

  1. Subiduh Wey Pastrami Sammitch - I didn't know I liked pastrami until last night. I had seen this documentary on the History Channel regarding the modern marvel of cold cuts. The pastrami they featured on there looked so damn good that I was interested in finding out if I liked it. Since I had cut out traditional salami, ham, turkey, and chicken,, I've been looking for another cold cut I could start eating again. The key is a dash of A-1 sauce.

  2. Fill Me Cheesesteak Sammitch - I was about to abandon particular heat-up-and-serve fajitas I bought to try out. I had some left over meat, provolone cheese, and French bread, so, I decided to go ahead and try my hand at making a cheesesteak sandwich. It worked out. The key here is ... A-1 steak sauce. Hmmmm....

  3. Potato soup - I've been wanting a killer potato soup I could have at home. I've been devouring Beniggan's and Outback Steakhouse potato soups for years. I needed to find one to eat at home. I've tried 4-5 different brands over the years and each one of them sucked my arse. However, I figured out last night I liked good ole Campbell's full-o'-salt soup. A can of this and a can of milk makes a great soup. They key to this one is ... *sigh* ... stirring it often with a fork.

I'll be exploring a few more things over the weeks. Wolfgang Puck I may not be, but I make a hella Chef Boyardee!
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