Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just Hanging Around Until The Day Comes

I got myself an inversion table finally. I saw an ad on Craiglist with a dude that was basically giving it away for a quarter of the cost of buying one new. So, I jumped at it. I picked up this and have been hanging out in 5 minute intervals ever since. It's great for taking pressure off your lower back and realigning your neck, which in turn,. helps loosen up my voice and make it much richer. I'm really psyched about finally having one!

I did a corporate gig yesterday for a bunch of IT consultants at the Sheraton Hotel. That show allowed me to get through any stage anxiety and bad improvisational initiations. The morning started out slowly with some scripted bits that did not get any heavy audience response for me. I knew that the improv set would be my chance. Later in the afternoon, we introduced the improv set with another scripted deal where I sang a parody to Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love". I had added a bit of choreography to the song in the morning, and was practicing it a lot in the green room, however, once I hit the stage, I got all flustered, dropped lines, and got really frustrated and embarrased (with my boss watching the whole time). I felt how much I was in my head because I was thinking really hard remember all the steps I added. After reading the script again and taking 5 minutes for to settle down, I returned to the stage and nailed it. *whew* Once the show started, everything was cool and I got a lot of great audience response during the song and my bits on stage. It was like riding a bike.

After the show, the client's CEO was really happy with our performance. He was telling me how great everyone did especially the bit at the end where I played this bum character that I've developed after years of riding the Red Line. In a flash of insight, I created a new character as a result, Stanky, the sweaty sock puppet that my character Jerome Watkins brings out in time of need. Rumor has it we'll be invited for next year's show and that show may have a tropical destination of Maui!

Tomorrow is my audition for SC generals. Typically I go into these auditions with tethered optimism, but for some reason, I am REALLY excited about it! It's nice to feel this way, because I try to stay even keeled at all times to reduce the amount of expectation I have going into the audition and staying out of my head. I am more excited to just get back up on stage, and do something I really love regardelss of outcome. I'm going to have a good time and play with my fellow actors, take care of them, and do what's right for the scene - not what's right for my ego .

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